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Cairo, Egypt

About me

Main information about me

Hello, I'm Mohamed Jamal, Based in Egypt

I am a developer (Laravel) beside I am geek of technology since I am young which makes me efficient with Operating systems like Windows and Linux and problem-solving, I am patient with technical problems.

• Obtaining the necessary skills in order to become the best engineer possible.
• Developing the place where I work to be more proud of it later.
The more I evolve where I work, the more I develop with it

  • Name : Mohamed Gamal
  • WhatsApp : +201112479050
  • Date of birth : 03-1999
  • Nationality : Egyptian
  • Work Status : Web Full-Stack Developer
  • Freelancer : Available
  • Email
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Cup of coffee

+6000 Working Hours

4 Years job experience

+9000 lines of code

Passion for sciences

My Experience
Learned and keep learning from

Udemy / YouTube / Articles / Books / Help other developers to solve problems.

Freelance Web Developer
2018 - 2022

Worked at Mas Company
3/2022 - 9/2022

I worked at MAS to develop their ERP system

The website
Work at Quantum SIT
9/2022 - Present

Software Engineer

The website
My Education
High School

University - History and Civilization

My skills and Interests

the skills and Interests make me prode.


Technical proficiencies

A+, Security+, CCNA R&S, RHEL and Hardware Solutions


Program languages

Python, C++, PHP, Javascript and Nodejs.



Technologies, Books, and Problem Solving.



Music, Video Games, Walking and Gym.

Laravel 80%
VueJs / NuxtJS 75%
Linux 70%
Django 40%
ReactJS / NextJS 60%
Security Principles 80%

My Works

The latest creative works on the web.


What My Clients Say About Me.

Contact Me

Feel Free To Contact Me Any Time

Let's talk about everything!

Love to hear, get feedbacks and constructive criticism




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